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How to remove permanent marker from a Whiteboard
Ever write permanent marker on a whiteboard by accident? Find out how to remove it.
February 25, 2006
Peter Davis
This barely falls into the category of a tutorial but I thought I needed to share this piece of information with those who may have made the same mistake I once did. When it happens there is a sudden feeling of panic and you're unsure of what to do. I am talking about permanent marker on a whiteboard. You might realize what you did right away or perhaps what you have just done will not occur to you until one day, you go to erase the board and the marker doesn't come off. Well it happened to me once and I learned a neat little trick to erase the permanent marker.
If you ever get permanent marker on your whiteboard....
Take an actual whiteboard marker and go over the permanent marker. Make sure to cover the entire permanent marker and then erase it as you normally would. Voila, the permanent marker goes with it.

Keep in mind
It's not everyday that this happens to me so I've only had to do this once so far, but it did work. I'm just not sure if it will work with every marker. If anybody else has any other tips drop a line down below.
Happy erasing!
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