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What is RSS
RSS Feeds, what are they and how to use them
February 17, 2006
Peter Davis
If you like to consume a lot of information from a host of various sites then Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is probably right for you. (It is also known as Rich Site Summary)
What is RSS?
I'll try to make this simple: RSS is just a standard way for content providers to announce what they have available for consumption. In more technical terms it is a standard way for people to itemize content.

So What?
This means that if every website had an RSS file then you could just look at that file to determine what is available on their site. If everybody follows the same standard in presenting that information you would know exactly how to read each RSS file because the structure always remains the same.
OK, So What?
Instead of visiting each site you're interested in you could get a program that aggregates all the information for you. You enter the path to each RSS file from each site you want to know about and it will aggregate the information for you. This means that from within one application you can find out about all the items available from multiple site.
How Do I Do It?
Easy! Download a RSS capable reader. RSS Reader is easy to use and is free.

Once you've downloaded and installed RSS Reader you can begin adding the RSS feeds you're interested in. Keep in mind that not every site has an RSS feed, it's up to them if they want to provide this.

Adding Groups: You can add different groups to keep things organized by clicking on the '+ Group' button. For example, you might have a group for World News, Tech News, Games, etc. Now you can begin to add RSS feeds.

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