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Rockstar Gets Sued - Murder OK, Computer Nakedness Bad
Apparrently this game was fine until Computer Nakedness got involved
February 1, 2006
Paul Jacobs
I find it hilarious that Rockstar Games is getting sued because it "illegally hid porn" in it's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. The fact that the game let's you murder people, and features the likes of drug dealers, pimps and other stand-up citizens only merits it a Mature rating (which is 17 years of age and older). All the killing is no big deal but if you throw in some video game porn, hold the phone, that's just too much. An unsuspecting person might be happily stealing a car and running over someone (in the game), and then all of a sudden be subjected to a computer rendered naked woman, oh, the humanity!
You have to love these lawyers who are protecting us from this stuff. In this case it is Rocky Delgadillo, great work Rocky, protecting our children to make sure they have a pure experience when playing GTA: San Andreas. This guy is a Saint.

Why don't they just make the Mature rating be 18 and over. Done and Done. Right now Mature is 17+ and Adults Only (which is apparently what GTA should've been rated) is 18+. I guess if you're 17 you shouldn't be subjected to digital breasts, but if you're 18 go nuts.

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