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Graphics Aren't Everything, Look at the Wii
Best graphics doesn't mean best experience when playing video games
December 3, 2006
John Stevens
It seems that nowadays people are really impressed with games that have the most astounding graphics. This is completely understandable and makes sense but I've recently had the pleasure of playing some classic games on a variety of systems including Atari, NES, and Sega Genesis and can honestly say that graphics aren't everything.
The Worst Graphics
I found that playing old games can really be fun, especially if playing with a group of people. One thing I noticed is that the worst graphics were on late generation Sega Genesis games. The reason being that with the old systems like Atari, and NES the games were cartoonish, in that the colors used couldn't be confused with reality at all. Then came Sega Genesis and developers tried to make realistic looking games, instead we got nasty looking games like Road Rash 3. Maybe they looked good at the time but wow, does it look horrible now. Take a look.
Cartoonish Graphics
Take a look at screenshots for Super Mario Brothers. Now I know the graphics are terrible compared to today's standards but because it is so far from reality it makes it much easier to deal with.
The Wii
I think the Wii is a good example of how sometimes too much emphasis is placed on high end graphics. In the graphics department the Wii won't be able to compete with the Xbox 360 or the PS3 but it will still do well because it is fun to play and is an innovative machine. Plus there is so much buzz going around about the Wii and the price point is extremely low compared to the other consoles that I wouldn't be surprised if people pick it up in addition to Xbox or PS.
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