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Can Video be Played Over a Wireless Connection
A Wireless connection should have more than enough bandwidth to play video over it
February 10, 2006
Peter Davis
I've been asked on more than one occasion if it is possible to play videos over a wireless network. Other times people have mentioned to me that they were surprised that they could play video over wireless without any choppiness. So can you do it? Of course you can! (People have also said to me that their internet connection won't be as fast over wireless)
A Wireless Pipe
Think of your wireless connection as a pipe to the internet or another computer on your network. The size of that pipe depends on the type of router you have, the type of wireless adapter you have, and your location.

Type of Router: There are different wireless standards that offer different speeds. The most popular these days is the 802.11g standard which offers speeds of up to 54 Mbit/s, but you may also own a 802.11b router which maxes out at 11 Mbit/s. Anything you buy today will most likely be a 802.11g router.

Type of Adapter: If you have an 802.11g router then you'll need a wireless adapter that supports that standard. If your wireless adapter only works with 802.11b it won't matter because your 802.11g router is backwards compatible so it will work, but the highest speed you'll get will be 11 Mbit/s. The connection will always be as fast as the slowest device.

Location: This simply has to do with signal strength. Just like anything else, the stronger the signal the better the reception and hence faster speeds. You might be capable of 54 Mbit connections but if you're out in the garage and the router is in the basement you might only be able to get a fraction of that.

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