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Different Email Addresses
How many different email addresses do you have and what are they used for?
Novermber 7, 2006
Paul Jacobs
One day it occurred to me that I maintain 6 different email addresses and for different reasons.
Email Statistics
According to the Radicati Group, there are over 1.1 billion email users worldwide, with nearly 1.4 billion active email accounts. Worldwide email traffic per day totals about 183 billion messages, of which 70% are spam.

That is a lot of email but it's not surprising when most people have more than one email account and we all have seen the amount of spam that can fill our inbox in one day. It is interesting how people will use different email addresses for different purposes.

The Work Email Address
This is obviously a special case for some people and most often is only used for work related communication. You don't want to start receiving a ton of spam at this address.
The Clean Email Address
This is the Webmail Address (i.e. Hotmail, Google, Yahoo) email address that you only use for communicating with trusted addresses. You may also use it as the email for trusted online sites.
The Spam Email Address
This is the Webmail Address (i.e. Hotmail, Google, Yahoo) that you use for all those forms that require you to enter an email address to retrieve some type of information or to confirm registration. You know that you'll probably be spammed but need to use a valid address, so you use the Spam address.
The ISP Email Address
Finally, most people will have a certain number of available addresses with their Internet Service Provider. This is good for situations where a site won't allow you to use a Webmail Service Provider email to register and you don't want to use your work email.
Multiple Combos
I know that for myself I have 1 work, 2 clean, 2 spam, and 1 ISP. It's always a safe bet to use a one of your spam addresses when you're unsure how your email address will be used. The last thing you want to have to do is change your clean email address and hope everyone updates their contact information, which in most cases is a painful process.
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