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Delete a file that Windows won't let you
How to permanently delete a file that the computer won't let by using Killbox
February 16, 2006
Peter Davis
Every once in a while you go to delete a file but it just won't go away. It may be that a certain spyware application or virus is preventing the deletion or that the file is in use by Windows. Either way, you're sure that you want it to disappear so what do you do? There is a nice utility called Pocket Killbox which always seems to be able to do the job.
Pocket Killbox
You can find Killbox by performing a search on Google. It is small standalone program and is quite easy to use.

There is multiple ways to delete a file but each method starts the same way. Browse to the file that you want to delete and select it. Then hit the 'Delete File' button and Killbox will try to delete it. It will then let you know whether the deletion was a success or not.

Pocket Killbox
Pocket Killbox
Multiple Options
If the file can't be deleted initially there are some other options you can employ. You can check the 'End Explorer Shell While Killing File' which usually or you can go even further and delete on reboot which will be sure to remove the files.

If you want a file removed and can't because of spyware or because Windows reports that the file is in use, you can be sure that by using any one of the options listed above the Pocket Killbox will get the job done.

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