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How to Start a Website
An overview of starting a website
August 21, 2007
Paul Jacobs
Starting a website today is a simple procedure depending on your objective and at a high level only consists of a few major components.
Create a Web Site
To start a website you'll first need to design your web pages. You'll need to create these web pages using HTML and depending on your skill set you can try to write the markup yourself or use a program or service to assist you. Since you're reading this document I'll assume that you probably won't know how to write the HTML yourself so you'll either want to use a program that you install on your computer like Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver. The other option you can try is using online web site creation tools. Either way, once you're finished you'll need a place to host your website so that the rest of the world can view it.
Website Hosting
I suggest you get the best web hosting package you can find that includes a domain name (your internet address) and enough space to hold your site. Most packages nowadays are reasonably priced and will have more than enough features to meet the demand of a simple website. Once you've signed up for a package follow the instructions provided by the hosting company and upload the HTML pages you created. Most hosting providers supply some great FAQ's that will help you along.
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