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Google has Features!
More features than you can shake a stick at
March 28, 2006
Peter Davis
Most people visit Google and simply perform a basic search. This is by no means an odd occurrence but what most people don't realize is that Google offers a plethora of search features that are really cool.
Some Useful Features
Calculator: If you need to solve a mathematical expression quickly then use Google search. Searches like 1+1 will return an answer. You can also perform more complicated calculations like square root, sine, cosine, log, etc.

Conversions: One of the most useful search features is the conversions. If you want to perform unit conversions, Google is one of the easiest ways to do this. The important thing to remember for this type of search is the 'in' keyword. For example, say you want to convert 87.5 kilograms to pounds, go to Google and perform a search: 87.5 kilograms in pounds. Google will perform the conversion and return the result.

Phone Book: If you're looking for a phone number or address for someone, you can also perform a search in Google. Type in a name or a phone number depending on the information available to you and if Google finds a match it will return the name, full address and phone number of the person.

There are many features available right from Google's search box and those were just a few of the more useful examples. Many people don't know it but Google offers quick access to information on weather, stocks, movies, music, definitions, package tracking, airplane tracking, etc. The easiest way to learn about all the available features is to visit Google's Search Features page and read about all of the features available with examples provided.

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