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Don't Fall For Fake Security Ads
Don't click on the ad that says your computer is compromised
October 23, 2006
The other day I saw an Ad which listed some information specific to my computer and at the bottom had a line saying "PC Information: Obtained"; making it seem as though my computer was easily hacked to find out this "secret" information about my PC...Nice Try
No Hacking, Just Deceptive Marketing
For an average user they might think that there is actually something wrong here and that since these people were able to find out your IP address, Operating System, Browser, and Location that they have easily hacked your computer. Stop worrying, they haven't. Everybody on the internet has an IP address and in order to make connections this IP address has to be visible and known. Once you're connected to a website, for example Yahoo!, the site will automatically know your IP address. The other two pieces of information: operating system, and browser are always available for someone to find out and do not pose any security risk to you. This is normal. The final piece is your location. This again, can be linked back to your IP address (and it may not always work), and involves a more complex explanation but suffice it to say, it is not a security breach on your end.
Don't Click
There you have it, next time you see these types of Ads don't feel as though your computer has major security holes, well it might, but at least you know that these aren't them.
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